Thursday, June 24, 2010

My First Line

I thought I'd show you my first line that I developed for sale. I did some thinking about what might sell well. I want to do what I love but I'm in the predicament right now that the reality of making a living is very important, luckily I think I've come up with something.

I'm calling this line From Sea to Shore. The main piece is the wall hanging in the photo below which I'm doing in 3 different sizes ( in the hopes of having a price point for every pocker book).

I've taken the basic design and continued with other items, the next photo is a triptych. The photo can be deceiving, it stands just 12 inches tall. My fav bit about this design are the twigs used for the structure, adds a little bit of nature to the piece.

And finally notecards. I thought these would be a good bet for tourists and also a good lower price point. These are fabric collage, the same design but much simplified.

I've started out doing the design in two different color ways, blue or green. I'm very fortunate to have my work in three different galleries here on Cape Breton  Island ( and soon one in Halifax :))), all consignment of course.
Cross fingers for me!

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