Thursday, August 25, 2011

Driving Cape Breton

I just love driving around my home here on Cape Breton Island. It's a fair size island, you can drive around in a day if you don't stop much. But that just never happens cause with views like these you can't resist pulling over, getting out and roaming around. It was named the #1 island destination of North America and #3 in the world in 2011.

These pics are from a trip up the west coast of the island from Cheticamp to the mountains  up north.

                              The first and second pic are from a small beach near    
                                   Cheticamp, just a short walk down an overgrown
                                         bushy path off the main highway.

                             Even on an overcast day there is still beauty.

                                        The cliffs are magnificent when you
                                        get closer to the northern mountains.

Another small beach along the coast , bet there are people out there who would have loved all this drift wood. I take too much home with me each trip with all the rocks and shells so I left it all there.

This is like a find Waldo pic, only this time can you see the Coyote? You don't want to get to close to these guys, they are wild and that needs to be respected.

                          I wish I had the time to get around the island more than I do,                    
                                             there is so much to see.


RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Great photos of the highlands and the coyote looks very healthy! I've heard them howling across the road in River Bennett but thankfully haven't seen any.

Needleit said...

Thanks! I'm glad I can't hear them, that must be a chilling sound.