Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Home To Roost" Opening Night

  Opening night of "Home To Roost" was a huge success! We had big crowds, served lots of wine and munchies and received wonderful reviews from everyone that came. :D

Below are some photos of the different artists work. I picked a couple from each, which was hard, there was so much more than I can show here, and all of it amazing!

                        These are a couple of my Peacock with it's majestic tail and check out the wonderful                       perch that Shari MacLeod wove for him.

A few wallhangings that I used different mixed media techniques on. 

I am really pleased how my family came out. One of the funnest parts was hand printing bird sayings on twill tape and weaving them through the nest. There is also some  text attached to each bird , I'm sorry I didn't take closer shots, maybe I'll catch up with that later.

And of course the Jewel Birds flocking together.

These pieces are from Sarah Beck. You can see from the red dot her work doesn't hang around long. She achieves the most wonderful color and texture with her work in clay.

These two pieces are by Katherine Scott. She works in paper and does amazing things. The above book was a collection of photos of friends that she attached wings to and a short verse written by the person expressing what they would do if they had wings. 
The piece below was massive , must have been close to 12 feet long! 

The felting here and all the basket work was done by Shari MacLeod. Her felted creatures are a wonder, full of character. Shari was the ring leader of the show and we were all thrilled to be invited along for the ride. 

These pieces are from Teena Marie Fancy. She works in mixed media and is an amazing painter. The weaving here is done by Shari again. 

The tree below was full of these bird portraits and one was as amazing as the next. 

All the beautiful wire wrapped jewelry was done by Gayle Bird. She did a running theme of peacock feathers through her pieces and they were being snapped up by customers faster than you can blink. 

A couple of snaps of people roaming around at the start of the show and then I put my camera away and enjoyed the show.

Carol Beaton, the director of the Centre for Craft and Design said it was the largest turn out they had had for a show in their gallery. "Home To Roost will run till the end of May and hopefully continue to draw a crowd. 

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lmaclean said...

I really enjoyed all the lovely bird art and couldn't resist taking one home with me. Thanks Joan