Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grand Opening

Okay, so it's been two months since I actually had my first day open but I only just had my Grand Opening a few days ago. You're allowed to do that when you make all the decisions yourself. :)
It was a wonderful day with lots of welcomed friends and some faces I didn't know which was great.
I truly meant to take a lot of photos especially of friends who helped me out for the day but besides taking a quick snap of the tea table before I opened and I last minute snap of just a few folks milling around......I totally forgot.......oh well.

                                              Tea oat cakes EVER! Thank you again Jeannie. :)

                     My two helpers for the day on the far right, Joanne and Kathy, thank you both so much.

                                      It was a great day, good sales and wonderful company.

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