Thursday, August 2, 2012

Recycled Paper Coasters and Journals

Old pattern tissues, books, napkins etc...all find their way into my paper fabric. 
I paint and stamp the pieces after they are dry and then cut them apart. The edges are now fray free and you can create a lot of different things.

Cutting apart the large pieces.

Stacks of coasters kept in order for sewing.

                                                            Auditioning thread colors.

I zigzag the small pieces on the base and then straight stitch the edges through a bottom layer of cork.

                                                        All tied up and ready for sale.

                                   This all started with some journals I tried first.


Jazz said...

They are very attractive. This design is perfect.

Personalized Paper Coaster said...

If you use coasters make them personalized with family photos or theme photos to fit your room décor. If you have a laminator these are especially easy to make.