Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lumiere 2012

It was Lumiere time again last Saturday and it was just as great as last year!

This Shari MacLead and Patricia MacNeil's "Midnight Swim".
A giant whale tail about to disappear below the surface leaving a wake of froth. 

These paintings were by Stephanie Steele and they were illuminated from behind with flat screens and lap tops. 

Lynda-Lou MacIntyre was in her same window again this year but this time she was firing sterling silver with a torch and then dropping it into water for her beautiful custom made jewelry.

"In My LIfetime" was based on the work of artist Robyn Neal. Onlookers interacted with the piece by adding their life goals in colored chalk on the wall.

This mixed media work was by Caitrian MacNeil and Juan Tun Ajuac. It represents scared offerings made by the Mayans in religious traditions.

This year again there was a life size sculpture made out of burrs. Sorry I don't have the name of the artist.

"Great Balls Of Fire" done by Wayne Boucher and Sophie Heath was held at CBCCD.  A continuous video loop slow motion of a fire ball explosion projected across the span of the storefront window. 

Catherine Moir was once again painting in black light.

"Come Paint With Me" by Diane Lewis had captured all the youngest from the crowds to join in the fun.

Elizabeth Burtt, Demmarest Haney and India Haines created "The Fairies of Cape Breton. 
Fantasy woodland homes were nestled among the flowers and shrubs in front of the Civic Centre. 

Tessa Kendrick created "A Lucky Flock" , a chandelier made of 5,740 origami cranes that took over 400 hours of work. It hung from floor to ceiling in a storefront. 

There were many more installations and the night was a great success even though the weather disappointed with soft rain all evening it didn't stop the show. 

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