Saturday, February 12, 2011

Acts show 2011

Back from Halifax and the Atlantic Craft Trade Show. I meant to post pictures and comments during the show but I headed to Halifax without any of my electrical cords. Couldn't upload my photos or even recharge my phone. I tried to insert the memory card right into the camera but it was too small and got stuck (welcome to my world :) )But thankfully I didn't forget anything else and it all went well. In fact in went really well!
 I took more orders than I thought I would for my first time and my purses are on their way to the Florida Keys ( my first U.S. order, YAY!) and off to an Art Gallery in Ontario ( YAY again! ). My landscapes did very well too and this summer I'll have my work in all the coastal communities that are so popular with tourists like Mahone Bay, Chester and Lunenbourg. That's very exciting because these were the areas that I had in mind when I was creating the line.

After many trys to remove the memory card ( I'm a pro at this now if anyone needs a tip ) I succeeded, so here are some pics of my booth at the Acts show.

My booth had a split personality, one side evening bags and the other quilted lanscapes. I wanted to bring both and not lose the opportunity but was worried how the booth would look. I think it turned out well dividing it down the middle, the separation seemed to do the trick. There were comments about if both parts of the booth were mine because they were so different buy they were all complimentory just surprized.

I had the pedestals made by a local handiman. They are out of 3/4 inch plywood and painted with melamine paint. They all come apart and pile flat in the car for travel but wow do they weigh a lot! I think they were a good investment as they will last a long time and are very versitile. The heights range from 2 1/2 feet to 4 feet, I had him make two of each and that gives me a lot of variations.

The process of making the bags is not so long but the explanation takes a while, so I thought that a slide show of the process would be a big help and probably do a better job than I could. So I photographed myself making a piece of the fabric and used a digital frame in the booth to show them. Again one of the pedestals came in very handy.

Here's the slideshow.



lmaclean said...

Very professional booth, well-thought-out and implemented. I love the photo frame, a picture (or series of pictures)really does tell a story easier than a long, wordy explanation! So glad to hear it was a success but I predict many more orders to come! Fire up the blow torch. Congratulations, Joan

Needleit said...

Hey you! Hello, it`s so great to hear from you here. :) Thanks for all your nice comments and your effort to sign up, love getting comments!
Talk soon

Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald said...

Gorgeous work, Joan!

Jo-Ann Dziubek-MacDonald

Needleit said...

Hi Jo-Ann, thank you so much and thanks for dropping by. :)