Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Re-Design Sea to Shore

With the Acts coming soon and the need to re-visit some design issues with my Sea to Shore line I've done some work and here are the results.

I've added a smaller item to the line. A single panel that is 4"x10" and it has it's own easel back that folds down and is working really well. It was suggested that I needed a smaller price point and I hope this fill the bill.

I've also re-designed the triptych. I've had trouble with the stability of the twigs that were the support I was using. Now things are much more simplified. No twigs , the panels are just sewn to each other. They are much more stable and still fold up. Over all it is a very contempory design  and I think it should work with the  style of the line.

I've also revisited the lanscapes I was doing. I narrowed the designs down to three different ones and added more sizes to expand the price points.

Here's the first one called Lobster Fishing.

The second is called Sail Away

The third and final is Autumn

So there you have it. The singles all have their own easel and now there are 3 different sizes. Hope they're all well received this coming summer.


RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Really like your new designs Joan. Hope it worked to your advantage at ACTS.

Needleit said...

Thanks Sherri, The show went great but just got home last night with all this nasty weather. Right now wishing it was spring already. :)