Sunday, May 1, 2011

Artist Journal Cover for CBCCD

I was commissioned to make a journal cover for the artist  bios for the Cape Breton Center for Craft and Design. They recently did a make over and decided to group all the biographies together in one place. I have been selling journals there for awhile so they asked me to create something. I thought I'd share with you some of the photos.

This is a pic of the finished piece. 

I started with the logo from the center.

I thought a hand print would be fun and represent the hand made items. 

I created word clouds using Wordle ,  taking text from the Centers web site itself and made transparencies in Photoshop of these and the hand prints.   

I then layered them over a background of various textures and colors with lots of lovely clouds.
And added the title. 

I also designed some sides for the journal which are of course necessary for holding the inside binder,  I used the space to place some quotes from famous artists .
All of the designs were then printed on transfer paper and then ironed on the base fabric.

I fused a layer of organza just as I do with all my journals, it gives a nice effect of shimmer and softening of images.

After the organza I did some machine thread work over the title and logo along with the usual swirls that are so fun to do.

The base fabric I used was a canvas so it was very easy to fray the edges and then paint them.

A second layer of paint with a touch of metallic give the edge a bright finish.

A  pic of the inside finished journal.

The finished front cover.

 And back.

The journal was well received at the center which is always wonderful but the best part was the actual work. I got to try new things, solve various problems and spent far more time on it than I should have when I have so much else to do. But we all do that don't we when we're enjoying ourselves, :))


lmaclean said...

Oh Joan, that is fabulous. I couldn't picture it when you were presenting your ideas but now I see its exactly what you described...and more. Its a work of art on its own! I love the fringe. Now get back to all the other stuff you have to do!

Needleit said...

Thanks Lorna, glad you liked it and yes ma'am I'll get back to work now. :))