Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NSDCC Summer Craft Show

Huge sorry for being so behind in my posting. I've been getting ready for the up coming NSDCC Summer Craft Show being held in Halifax NS the end of this month. I haven't done their summer show before but it should be great fun. It is held outdoors which will be very interesting (pray for beautiful sunny weather please ) and I'm planning a new booth design which I'll post pics of after the show. I've got a few new items and can't wait to get reactions  to them.
I just received the show poster by email today which I hadn't seen yet and low and behold one of the pics is of my hand dyed quilted brooches!   What a surprise and I'm really pleased. :))

                              Here is a close up pic of one on display from the Xmas show.

And here is the poster for the summer show. Check out the pics about half way down on the right. 

And if that wasn't enough the pottery you see here is made by a friend called Elizabeth Burtt. How cool is that , that two artists from Cape Breton Island land spots on the  same poster. Just goes to show how amazing this island is for wonderful crafts people. 
Yay us! 

So if you're in the area come by and see the show , you'll be very happy you did. 
And remember to think happy sunny thoughts for that weekend. :)


lmaclean said...

Woo hoo Joan!
And a score for Cape Breton artists too. Hope you sell out and the weather is perfect.

Needleit said...

A score indeed! Thanks L. :)

Liz said...

SQUEEEEEE! I am so excited for us both! we are Famous now Joan....

Needleit said...

Lol, yes we are, Look out world!