Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Craft Market

Back from the summer NSDCC summer show and it was terrific! What a beautiful location with tons of shoppers and such amazing help from the NSDCC team including the volunteers. 

Here is a pic of my booth, quite a different look from the one at Acts wholesale show and that is just what I want from now on at retail shows.  It's fun and flea markety and very versatile. 

Lots of journals and sparkly purses.

A new line of oil cloth bags and accessories. Very retro.

A new three tier fixture holds all the little stuff, brooches, pincushions and key fobs.

The whole park is under a canopy of trees which sheltered us from the sun when it was hot and even from the few raindrops that fell late Saturday Afternoon. Didn't stop the chill from the fog that rolled in off the harbour though but that's a bit much to ask after all they are just trees. :)

The tents stretched in both directions with walking paths guiding the way.

It got quite busy at times with shoppers that came for the show and locals that use the park to walk through, jog through and dogs, dogs everywhere! They were all wonderful, so sorry I didn't get a pic of the golden lab with the rubber chicken toy (in a purple polka dot bikini......chicken, not dog). I think everyone stopped for a good scratch behind the ears... again dogs, not people. :) 

This is my friend Liz Burtt's booth with wonderful pottery. 

And these friends are the now WORLD FAMOUS! Michique girls, Monique and Michelle.

Another great part of the show was having my booth next to friends from home. Fun for chatting and sharing a laugh or two.....or several. :)

Over all it was a good time , fabulous location, great people, I think I might do it again next year. :)


lmaclean said...

Looks beautiful, Joan...your booth had a fun, airy look to it, love the 3-tier shelf, a perfect addition. Those summer scarves are a great idea, style and air conditioning protection in one! keep designing such useful, artful products $$$!!

Needleit said...

Thanks L, and thanks again for all the great help you gave in getting ready.