Thursday, September 8, 2011

What a Surprise!

Hey there, I'm still playing with my new disperse dyes, teaching myself and learning lots!
You can use them in two ways. Direct application or transfer method.

This sample is using the transfer method. I painted  on a piece of kraft paper and let it dry over night. The white fabric beneath is white satin waiting to be dyed.

Then face down on the white satin and using a hot iron I transferred the design and what a surprise! Would you have imagined this result?

This is a sample of direct application on the satin. It dries quite cloudy and dull and then you heat set with an iron and Surprise! You can see here I ironed through half of the design so you can see the difference. The bright pink and orange is the heat set side.
I've got to stop playing soon and get busy painting fabric for the purses I need for the X-mas shows.  Problem is I'm so easily distracted and it's so much more fun to play than work. :))

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