Monday, October 3, 2011

Lumiere 2011- Wet and Wonderful !

Saturday night downtown Sydney came alive with art installations, music and dance called Lumiere.  Not your usual Charlotte St. evening but even the rain couldn't keep people away. 

A pic of a busy Charlotte St. full of people and traffic.

Empty store fronts were filled with video and photo exhibits.

Katherine Scott and Teen Marie Fancy held their exhibit in the newly renovated YMCA.
Midnight Swim in Phosphorescence : Having combed the seaside for ocean-sourced materials, the artists will reflect on this haiku as they try to invoke the sensation of an ocean swim under a starry sky.

Catherine Moir paints in Black light.

Kent Senacal"s VIP Table, double dare ya to take a seat. :)

laura Moore's light show from a tv and toilet paper rolls, Very Cool!

Shari Macleod's woven creatures. This little dude doesn't look like he trusts the cross walk lines and he's checking good and hard for traffic. ;)

Sidney Ried animated the parking meters with her knitted creatures.

I couldn't find a sign for this artist's work but I did marvel that it was entirely constructed from burrs. Can you say Ouch!

                               This piece is by Onni Nordman and hung in the main window of CBCCD. I had a hard time with this pic because there was a light bulb in constant motion in front of the face creating an hypnotic effect.

There were so many more exhibits and some I may have not fully grasped although I enjoyed the experience and opportunity to view them. The night as a whole was a great success I thought and I hope they do it all again next year. If you didn't attend you missed something wonderful so don't miss it next year if we are all so lucky.


RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Great post Joan! Thanks for the mention. I was heaps of fun so you better join in next year.

Needleit said...

Thanks, My mind is already churning. :)

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Oh geez, typos. The event was awesome and I've shared your pics!