Sunday, October 9, 2011

Playing Around

I've been playing around with different techniques using dieperse dyes. Here are some pics of a three layer method with paper resists.

I finally broke down and bought a proper iron for all the work I do.
LOVE IT! :))

The dye is painted on paper then face down ironed to the polyester. This is a first pale layer.

Then I arranged some cut out paper.

Then lay a second color over top and ironed again.

Here are some of the paper resists pulled away and you can see the changing of the colors. Disperse dyes are transparent so you continually create new colors with layering.

I staggered the pieces of paper and then add another layer of color.

Here are the three colors finished. It creates a nice soft effect.

The finished fabric has a wonderful luster from the processing. It almost looks like the glazes you find on old china.

Well that's one of my playtimes, off to try something else.........

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