Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting ready for Acts 2012

It's just two weeks to the Atlantic Craft Trade Show and I have to turn this pile of stuff in a new spring line of purses.......panic much??

Base fabric is all hand painted (that is all the messy bunches in the front). Lining fabric all neatly folded off to the side ( neatly folded ha! should be all cut out by now 0_0 ) Purses are designed and prototypes are all standing in the background ( currently thinking they don't look so bad in plain muslin......)  Need to finish the second layer of printing on the fabric (I'll leave that for a you and me both! )  and then just put it all together.   Totally doable!  :D

Don't forget the January Giveaway! .  I'm pimping out a journal to one of my followers in thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out what I'm up to. Join up as a follower , post a comment and you'll be in the running for the draw at the end of the month for this journal. :)

                                          Good luck to you all, thanks for dropping by again. :)


Irene MacKinnon said...

Good luck at ACTS, you will do great!

Needleit said...

Thanks Irene, I appreciate that. :)

lmaclean said...

What a terrific give-away! Hope you have so many orders from ACTS that I'll see your bags in every high-end gift shop in the Maritimes!!! Good luck, Joan

Needleit said...

:D From your lips to God's ears. Thank you Lorna and good luck to you in the Journal draw !