Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January Journal Giveaway!

Well the holidays are just a memory now but I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and enjoyed being with family and friends. 

As promised I'm starting off the New Year with my first giveaway!  I've chosen one of my journals which are very popular so i know who ever  wins will be very happy. :) 

Here are the pics of the actual giveaway journal.

                    It holds a 9"x6" coil notebook which are very easy to find and so the journal cover
                                                       can be refilled again and again.

The cover is made starting with a bottom layer of cotton batik fabric then a few silk flowers are scattered that have been pressed flat.  A layer of organza is fused over top and finally free motioned stitched with a variety of variegated threads. The interior is a very stiff stabiliser and then the edges are all zigzagged.

                                               This is a close up of the free motion quilting.

                             So how do I win this giveaway you ask?  Very easy!  Just post a comment to this post      or any other posts this month (one chance per comment) and after a random draw at the end of the month                                   I will mail out your prize, no matter where you live. :)

                                           I'm excited to share my work with someone new and I'm excited to have              some new followers to my blog. Feel free to share this post through facebook or twitter with your friends and good luck! :D


Janet said...

Well, then! I love your journals, so I will just comment every day to make sure I win this beauty!

I was at the Centre yesterday for How-2-Tuesday and saw the display of your work there. Beautiful!

Marg said...

I'm with Janet, in fact bought your journals in the past as gifts but never for myself. Love them. Can't wait to see your new work.

Sarah said...

If I won a journal would I have to write in it? :)
It is beautiful! (No surprise there, I love your work!)

Happy New Year!

RedTwigBrownTwig said...

Pick me, pick me! Love the fresh daisy design on this journal. It could inspire all kinds of ideas to write down inside.

Needleit said...

Thank you all for joining in here :) I'm up to 12 members now! Whoot Whoot! Wish I had a journal for each of you but alas all I can do is wish you all good luck and thanks so much for all your nice comments. And yes the journal could hold all your deep and original thoughts or just your grocery lists. Sarah you could fill it with your wonderful new drawings. :)

C.S. said...

This is absolutely beautiful! I am new to your site, and what a wonderful way to find a new site. Such talent! I look forward to going through your other posts. Cheers!
ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Needleit said...

Welcome and thank you for saying hello. :)

Szappanbubi said...

That is adorable :) as I'm not a dairy-writer but I'm in love w the cover the colors and patterns and mainly the lovely flowers!
So flower power=)

Needleit said...

I'm not much of a diary writer either but I'm a great list maker! Now accomplishing the list is another matter. :)

Janet said...

Dang it! I KNEW I was forgetting something important! Commentcommentiwannawinthejournalcomment!

Cheating much? ;)

Needleit said...

lol, good luck Janet and thanks for joining up. :)