Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally, my own studio/retail shop !

After hunting and dreaming about it for a few years now, I have finally found a studio/retail space that I can afford! YIPPEE!!
I live in Sydney on Cape Breton Island (the big metropolis) and my new shop is in North Sydney, about 20 minutes drive from Sydney. Not to be confused with Sydney Mines which is the next town over. Bet you're all thinking right now that the first settler to Cape Breton was named Sydney, but hey, I wasn't around then and I don't know exactly how that whole thing happened. Anyhow, I digress...

My new studio is in here! Pretty building huh? It was first a bank (still has all the neat old vaults) and then a library. They built a new library and this building was taken over and renovated and turned into retail spaces.

This is an inside pic of the upstairs hallway where my space is. Wow to those windows huh?

This is my front door and you can see the sweet dress shop that is across the hall called LaQuaintrelle.

When you turn around this is the rest of that room. Now what is that little room off to the side?

Why it's my very own dye room!

Now turn around and WOW, how cool is this, two more rooms.

Both rooms have beautiful big windows.

Looking out over the water.

This is the ferry terminal to NewFoundland. Tons of people pass through here all year long and it's right next door.

Did you notice the beautiful hardwood floors and the great old cast iron rads? So much character in this wonderful old building. :)

Originally the entire building was to be full of small businesses and some by friends of mine. There have been some changes since the initial coming together. Some people changed their minds and moved on, then the first floor changed from several stores to one large one. I was very fortunate to get one of the second floor spaces but I am going to miss what could have been with friends next door, but I wish them all well and I know they'll all create wonderful spaces elsewhere.

Right now I am fluttering between sheer joy and terror. It's very exciting but also a big step. I move in the first of the month, that's about a week from now. Sooooo much to do, YIKES! I'll post photos of my progress, stay tuned and wish me luck. :)


Teena Marie Fancey said...

Congratulations Joan!!!!!!!

Needleit said...

Thank you Teena. :D
Visitors will be welcome any time....hint hint.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
I see things have changed since I last saw you.Beautiful space!I am available if you need help moving day.Congratulations!

Needleit said...

Thanks Carol, I'll holler if I need help. You have to visit tho. :)