Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm not OCD......really, I checked.

I do not have OCD, I just checked on the definition so I know. 
I do however get a little high from organizing , shopping for organizing stuff and then re-organizing, bet I'm not alone either or there wouldn't be so many tempting products out there. Somebody other than me must be hooked too. 

This was my latest buy. Found it at Micheals and thought it would be great for threads.  Threads are always a storage problem cause they are best in shallow drawers but you you need many drawers to sort  voila!

Because of the shallow drawers and no wasted space I was able to consolidate 3 old rolling containers down to this one. To me that is awesome!  Plus there is the top shelf where I'm showing off an older thread case or you could have a place for that cup of tea that is mandatory at all times. :)

                            To open these drawers now is just yummy and fills me with inspiration.


lmaclean said...

not OCD but you definitely have a "thread" habit!! Looks good...when you suggested I get one, I went out to see it and decided 2 of those drawers would do me so I'll stick with my "off the floor shelf"
The colors do look delicious, have fun.

Needleit said...

Smart decision, with your space that's the way to go and you get to look at the beautiful colors all the time. :)