Tuesday, July 13, 2010

NSDCC Acceptance!

I got my letter today from the Nova Scotia Designer Craft Council. I had submitted my work to them for jurying and I've been accepted! I'm very thrilled about that, it's a great hurdle to jump and it's done.....happy..happy..happy. :))  So now I can add that to my resume, but also now I can attend their wonderful craft markets as a seller. They hold them twice a year, summer and christmas. The Council and the markets are all in Halifax which is the largest city in Nova Scotia about 4.5 hours drive from here. It's going to be quite an expedition considering the work setting up and  manning the booth let alone producing the amount of product I'm going to need, but it's exciting! I'll have to get busy soon but right now I'm desperately trying to get more triptychs done for Arts North and The Dancing Beaver  that seems to be the best seller right now and I'm working double time to replace them quickly. 

Back to work now.....:)

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