Saturday, August 21, 2010

Katazome Workshop with Karen Miller

I recently attended a two day workshop on Katazome , japenese stencil dyeing, at CBCCD.  Karen Miller was the instructor, a fiber artist from Oregon who has studied with the american katazome specialist John Marshall.   This is her website ,  blog and here is a  video if you'd like to see her in action.

There were 13 in the class, a great group , we had the wonderful facilities of the CBCCD to work in and with Karen leading us along it was a terrific experience.
I wanted to share the experience with you here by  posting some pics with brief descriptions of the two days.

We started out by learning to make own stencils, many, many, many fine cuts.

This  is one of the patterns that I picked, very fitting as I've been calling this the summer of the jellyfish.

A close up of the detail of the many, many fine cuts.

Karen took us through the steps of making a stencil, first a fine mist of water over the stencil and a layer of silk mesh.

Then a layer of paint to attach the layers and add stability.

Excess paint removed with newspaper.

Checking for boo boos .

A chance to see some of Karen's wonderful work.



We made our own resist paste from rice flour in class.

A demonstration of applying the paste through the stencil.


Freshly made stencils and resist patterns drying.

 Silk scarves hung while resist drys.

Samples of stencils made by Karen. She said that some of her  more detailed works could take up to 50 hours to cut.

Demonstration of applying resist for a repeat pattern.

Making our own soy milk for dyeing.
Soy beans put through a blender and then squeezed through muslin.

A bit of soy milk and then powdered pigment.

Karen demonstrated painting the dye over the resist pattern.
We all got busy painting our own designs.

And here they all are drying.

Next it was time to do immersion dyeing on our silk scarves.

Rinsing the resist of after the dye is applied.

Karen's scarf showing all the lighthouses she has found on her trip here to Nova Scotia.

And all our scarves laid out to dry, aren't they beautiful?
This  is one of my pieces from the workshop using one of Karen's stencils.

App;ying the dye over the resist pattern.

The final piece after the resist is all rinsed away.
I'm really pleased with it and I'll probably  make a pillow cause I don't think I could ever cut it up.

My other large piece from one of Karen's stencils.

                                                                    All the dye is applied.

                                            The final piece after all the resist is washed away. I'm really in love with this piece, I love Koi fish and this is on a lbeautiful piece of silk. I'd like to frame it but not sure how, if anyone has a suggestion please let me know.

Well that's all there is, hope you found it interesting , I love taking workshops and you probably all do too.

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