Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Journal Covers

I had alot of fun with the last journal covers I made so when I discovered this new technique I new I had to try some more.

Preview of a finished journal.

Getting ready. Fabric picked [the more colorful the better :) ] ,stiff interfacing,  assorted silk fowers pressed flat, organza and some Misty Fuse.

Layers now all fused together , next fun step choosing thread colors, again the brighter the better and of course varigated !

Flowers are all embellished. I did have to go over one with a brighter color, you never know how threads are going to look till you jump in but the good thing is you can add a layer of another color for brightness if needed.

And here you can see the background all filled in.

Getting the lining all together and the end pieces to hold the journal cover.

Last steps are zigzagging all around and of course adding my labels.

This time I decided to use address books as the filler, everyone can use one of these.

The finished group.

I'm actually kinda late in making this post and all of these pieces have actually sold so
I guess they're a hit and  I'd better get busy and make some more !

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